Celbridge Civic Centre

Civic Centre – Co. Kildare, Ireland

Existing stone walls re-invented to connect the main street and river.

A riverside public place for Celbridge


Detail sketch, 3D section, renders and riverside elevation

Programme diagram & riverside elevation (existing stone wall in grey)

3d section view

Ground floor plan illustrating street and river re-connection

Elevations & site sections

Eye level sketch views

Town strategies. The thesis began with the study of the problematic sattelite towns of Dublin city. Celbridge was selected for my intervention study as it proved to have the most interesting possibilities. The site and brief were then developed based on the towns requirements. The final brief included a cafe, town hall and civic centre. The ambition being to create anchor points at either end of the town whilst re connecting main street with the scienic river it has turned it's back to.

Town strategies